Monday, February 14, 2011

The REALLY Great Stagnation

What's really ridiculous about this debate about how kitchen technology has changed over time, is that anybody could determine via a cursory viewing of The Flintstones that in fact kitchen technology in the 1950's had changed, in terms of tool functionality and ease, almost negligibly since the Stone Age.  As a matter of fact, Stone Age technology had vast advantages in the "green" space, being powered not by fossil fuels (a little humor there!) but in fact by direct biological power from small captive dinosaurs, whose extinction set back kitchen technology considerably.  It's really like technology (not in terms of underlying methodology -- your caveman didn't have a transitor-driven dishwasher -- but in terms of effect: he had a functionally equivalent water-jetting wooly mammoth) went nowhere -- or rather, stuggled to regain lost ground, which really puts your Michelangelos and Newtons into perspective -- from prehistory until the '50's, then there was an itty-bitty bump, and then we come to the present day.